Spotlight! ☆★☆ an idol anime tcg
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Status: Open
Prejoin: 08.06.2018
Date: 09.24.2018
Owner: Cami
Released Decks: 260
Unreleased Decks: 40
Artists: 23 (17 a, 6 p/h)
About Spotlight!
Spotlight! is an online TCG that is dedicated to idol-centric series that originate from Japan. Idols are heavily promoted multimedia stars. In Japan, they are adored by the masses and frequently perform at concerts or events; however, the idol industry is both competitive and harsh, and many involved have short-lived careers. Read more?
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Artist Activities ★ Goodie Bag


Um...there's not much to it, really. Just take everything that you see below...and don't refresh if you don't like what you got.

No, I'm serious. That's literally all you have to do. Okay, technically you could also choose to give Shinobu a virtual hug but that wouldn't give you any extra rewards.

hikawasayo09 takaminemidori21 amagasetouma13 tachiagare08 x20
Goodie Bag: hikawasayo09, takaminemidori21, amagasetouma13, tachiagare08 + 20 Idol Points