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About Spotlight!
Spotlight! is an online TCG that is dedicated to idol-centric series that originate from Japan. Idols are heavily promoted multimedia stars. In Japan, they are adored by the masses and frequently perform at concerts or events; however, the idol industry is both competitive and harsh, and many involved have short-lived careers. Read more?
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The Decks

Here, you can view a list of all the decks featured on Spotlight. Each individual deck has a custom filler - but you can find a generic one to the left of this paragraph. However, if you are looking for the unreleased decks, please click here in order to view them.
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Deck NameDescriptionColorDonated By
Kasumi Mahiru(Aikatsu Stars!) Mahiru is a mature girl with an aptitude for modelling that comparable to her older sister Yozora, whom she holds animosity towards.PurpleCami
Hikami Sumire(Aikatsu!) Sumire is a very beautiful girl with a calm disposition and is kind, soft-spoken, and polite. She has always preferred being by herself, but this began to change when Akari became her roommate.PurpleCami
Kurosawa Rin(Aikatsu!) A rookie idol who was accepted into Starlight Academy in April, Rin was originally a street dancer whose wonderful dance made her known as "The Dancing Lightning."PurpleCami
Natsuki Mikuru(Aikatsu!) Mikuru is a sweet girl who is very energetic and well-meaning. She is very bright and loves flowers, to the point where she frequently compares them with other things.YellowCami
Oozora Akari(Aikatsu!) Akari is a clumsy, somewhat nervous, yet cheerful girl. She highly admires Ichigo to the point of wanting to be an idol like her. She appears to cry and get frustrated easily, but is determined nonetheless.OrangeCami
Kishida Mimori(AKB0048) Mimori is a sexy seventeen-year-old who loves pheromones. She is a passionate girl and does her best in everything she does.PurpleKairi
Shinonome Kanata(AKB0048) Sonata's older sister, who is fifteen and pretty hardheaded. She is part of the 75th generation of trainees, who has yet to become a successor. She joined AKB in order to get revenge against the DES who killed her father.RedKairi
Sono Chieri(AKB0048) Chieri displays a cool and serious personality, but later becomes more outgoing and friendly. She is very dedicated and passionate about AKB and never hesitates to put herself at risk for the sake of her friends.BlueJessica
Aizome Kento(B-Project) Kento is an idol and a member of THRIVE. Kento is known as a playboy and is known as the Sex Idol.BlueSami
Kitakado Tomohisa(B-Project) Tomohisa is an idol and a member of Kitakore. He is a kind, gentle man who is very understanding and can be perceptive but also tends to misunderstand situations or common sense things. He is a prince type idol.GraySami
Osari Hikaru(B-Project) Hikaru is a very cheerful and energetic person. He is a 'happy-go-lucky' guy whose always there to make everyone happy.GreenCami
Aoba Moca(BanG Dream!) Moca is a first-year student who plays the guitar for Afterglow. She has a sleepy demeanor and speaks with a slow, monotone voice, but is surprisingly sly at times and often playfully teases others.GrayLex
Hanazono Tae(BanG Dream!) Tae is the second guitarist of Poppin' Party and a first-year student at Hanasakigawa Girls' High School. She's a skilled guitarist who's been playing since she was little.GrayJessica
Hikawa Hina(BanG Dream!) Hina is a second-year student at Haneoka Girls' High School and is the guitarist of Pastel*Palettes. She is the younger, more bright-eyed twin of Hikawa Sayo.BlueCami
Hikawa Sayo(BanG Dream!) Sayo is the guitarist of Roselia and a second-year student at Hanasakigawa Girls' High School. She is serious to fault and never cuts corners.GreenJessica
Ichigaya Arisa(BanG Dream!) Arisa is a first-year student at Hanasakigawa Girls' High School and the keyboardist of Poppin'Party. YellowCami
Imai Lisa(BanG Dream!) With her flamboyant looks, Lisa is easily misunderstood as frivolous, but is actually a compassionate and faithful person. She has a lot of friends due to her stylishness and bright personality.OrangeCami
Kitazawa Hagumi(BanG Dream!) Hagumi is an energetic young girl who plays the bass for Hello, Happy World! Despite her tomboyish personality, Hagumi loves cute things and is very affectionate with her bandmates.OrangeLex
Maruyama Aya(BanG Dream!) Maruyama Aya is a second-year student at Hanasakigawa Girls' High School and is the lead singer of Pastel*Palettes.PinkCami
Matsubara Kanon(BanG Dream!) Kanon is very clumsy, quick to tears, and has a bad sense of direction. She's a bit of a pushover and very shy.BlueMio
Minato Yukina(BanG Dream!) Yukina is a powerful vocalist, sparking the admiration of the other Roselia members. She has a strong-willed and stubborn personality and doesn't smile much in public.PurpleCami
Mitake Ran(BanG Dream!) Ran is the lead singer and guitarist for Afterglow. Though she comes off as aloof and keeps her problems to herself, she cares deeply for her friends and the band.RedLex
Okusawa Misaki(BanG Dream!) Misaki, under the guise of the mascot Michelle, is the reluctant DJ for the band Hello, Happy World.BrownCami
Shirasagi Chisato(BanG Dream!) Chisato is a second-year student and is a member of Pastel*Palettes. She is polite and very responsible. Prior to joining Pastel*Palettes, she was a child actress and did not know how to play the bass.YellowHaylee
Shirokane Rinko(BanG Dream!) Rinko is very shy and quiet, and at first is scared of the idea of performing in a live concert. She has an easily withdrawn and pessimistic personality, but is also the type to go to extremes for things she has decided on. PurpleCami
Toyama Kasumi(BanG Dream!) Kasumi is a first-year student at Hanasakigawa Girls' High School and is the vocalist and rhythm guitarist of Poppin' Party.RedCami
Tsurumaki Kokoro(BanG Dream!) Kokoro is the vocalist of the band (Hello, Happy World) and a first-year student at Hanasakigawa Girls' High School.YellowJessica
Udagawa Ako(BanG Dream!) Ako has chuunibyou tendencies. She always is researching ways to be cooler, and started using weird words as a side-effect. She often wonders how she can be a "cooler" drummer, and sometimes feels inadequate compared to her other band mates.PurpleMio
Udagawa Tomoe(BanG Dream!) Tomoe is a pretty chill person who never says anything bad about other people or holds grudges against them. She is interested in fashion and taiko drumming. Her younger sister is Udagawa Ako.RedMio
Uehara Himari(BanG Dream!) Uehara Himari is a first-year student at Haneoka Girls' High School and is a member of Afterglow. Himari is cheerful, good-natured, and is the band coordinator. She's weak to tear-jerkers and sentimental episodes, and is fairly romantic.PinkSami
Ushigome Rimi(BanG Dream!) During their high school entrance ceremony, she heard Kasumi's intro that was filled with boundless optimism, and this sparked her interest in Kasumi. She is a huge fan of Yamabuki Bakery, and especially loves their chocolate cornet.PinkMio
Wakamiya Eve(BanG Dream!) Eve is a first-year student at Hanasakigawa Girls' High School, originally from Finland, and is a member of Pastel*PalettesPurpleHaylee
Yamabuki Saaya(BanG Dream!) Saaya is a first-year student at Hanasakigawa Girls' High School and is the drummer of Poppin'Party.YellowHaylee
Yamato Maya(BanG Dream!) As an equipment geek, Maya is happiest when she's surrounded by instrument equipment. Prior to joining the band, she was a studio musician. GreenAlecks
Akehoshi Subaru(Ensemble Stars!) A hardworking mood-maker who thinks of everything in a positive light, Subaru's always on the go, never settling down. He likes money (not in a materialistic way; he just likes shiny things and loves coins regardless of the value).OrangeSelena
Aoi Hinata(Ensemble Stars!) The cheerful and energetic older twin. Hinata is always with his younger twin, Yuta. He loves mischief, and he'd switch places with Yuta in class from time to time.PinkMio
Aoi Yuta(Ensemble Stars!) The calm yet mischievous younger twin, Yuta is always with Hinata. Loved by his older twin and often gets pushed around.BlueMio
Fushimi Yuzuru(Ensemble Stars!) A polite young man who's always smiling, Yuzuru is the capable servant of first year's Himemiya Tori, but he laments the fact that he's always pushed around by Tori's selfishness. While he's not a member of the student council, he often helps out as he attends to Tori, and the vice president, Hasumi Keito, values his abilities more than Tori's.BleSelena
Hakaze Kaoru(Ensemble Stars!) Kaoru is a ladies' man with an easygoing and gentle personality and way of speaking, he loves girls and can't resist seducing any girl he sees.YellowMio
Hasumi Keito(Ensemble Stars!) At first he appears quiet and almost shy, even having been described as a "quiet glasses guy" by fellow AKATSUKI member Kuro. However, when he has passion towards something, he becomes incredibly determined. Keito is incredibly serious, and takes any jobs he is given very seriously.RedMio
Hibiki Wataru(Ensemble Stars!) Fickle and elusive, Wataru lives in his own peculiar world and is one of the "Five Oddballs."BlueAjisaitea
Hidaka Hokuto(Ensemble Stars!) Calm, cool, and collected, Hokuto is a hard-working perfectionist. He hates when his pace is disturbed. Though he might come across as cold to his noisy classmates at first, he values his friends.BlueCami
Himemiya Tori(Ensemble Stars!) A rich boy who seems like an angel on the outside, but is actually mischievous like a devil on the inside, Tori knows how to make the best use of his physical charms. Power-hungry, he loves having the spotlight on him. PinkSelena
Isara Mao(Ensemble Stars!) Mao is a reliable boy who loves taking care of others and never fails to lend a helping hand, even when he complains about it.RedCami
Itsuki Shu(Ensemble Stars!) The leader of the Unit "Valkyrie." He is an arrogant person who wants everything to go his way but cannot handle large crowds or a lot of people at once.PinkSami
Kagehira Mika(Ensemble Stars!) Mika likes cute and scary things, but has very few friends because he has difficulties finding people who share his interests.RedMio
Kanzaki Souma(Ensemble Stars!) Serious, rigid, and quick to jump to conclusions - whenever his emotions run high, Souma would attempt to draw the sword he's carrying everywhere, especially at those who are dishonest.PurpleAjisaitea
Kiryu Kuro(Ensemble Stars!) Kuro looks scary and has immense physical strength, but treasures precision and order. He's earnest and sincere at heart. His family is very important to him.RedShinya
Mashiro Tomoya(Ensemble Stars!) An ordinary boy who grew up in an average family, Tomoya is a pushover. He hates it when others think he's weird because of the peculiar people around him, but he doesn't want to be seen as "average," either.BlueShinya
Mikejima Madara(Ensemble Stars!) Madara is reckless and lively, and has the habit of suddenly appearing at any place to help people out. He is in his own solo unit, "MaM", and is also the captain of the Track & Field Club.GreenSelena
Morisawa Chiaki(Ensemble Stars!) Chiaki is a natural-born leader. He loves to be relied on and is eager to undertake anything. Even though he's annoyingly enthusiastic, he's a good-natured, high-spirited upperclassman.RedCami
Narukami Arashi(Ensemble Stars!) Arashi is a narcissist full of self-confidence, he loves jobs that allow him to be seen by others. He has a very playful personality and talks with a girly tone. He is a member of the unit Knights.BrownSami
Nito Nazuna(Ensemble Stars!) Nazuna's personality is usually bright, cheerful, and friendly, but he hates it when people treat him like a kid and call him cute. He speaks with a lisp and greatly fumbles with his words when nervous.YellowSelena
Oogami Koga(Ensemble Stars!) Koga is a second-year student from the unit UNDEAD and is a member the light music club.GrayMio
Otogari Adonis(Ensemble Stars!) A quiet young man of mixed blood, Adonis comes from another country, but his Japanese is by no means bad. His father is a foreigner, while his mother is Japanese.PurpleCami
Sakasaki Natsume(Ensemble Stars!) The leader of the unit Switch and president of the Game Research Club. Sharp-tongued and perverse, he has fun taunting his opponents and companions alike with his eccentric behavior.RedMio
Sakuma Rei(Ensemble Stars!) A self-proclaimed "vampire" who becomes completely miserable when the sun shines on him, even in the early morning, Rei is one of the "Three Oddballs". While he appears sociable, he never shares his true intentions with anyone.RedCami
Sakuma Ritsu(Ensemble Stars!) Ritsu loves to sleep and is usually found napping somewhere. Rei is his brother, but he generally acts cold towards him.RedSelena
Sena Izumi(Ensemble Stars!) Foul-mouthed and not honest with himself, Izumi has a big attitude, is full of confidence, and assumes a detached attitude towards the world at large.GraySami
Sengoku Shinobu(Ensemble Stars!) Shinobu is a chuunibyou and admires ninjas, establishing a ninja association all by himself and spending his days training alone. Also a member of the broadcasting committee and RYUSEI Yellow from the unit RYUSEITAI.PurpleMio
Shino Hajime(Ensemble Stars!) Hajime is the dedicated type who does part-time jobs at school to support his unit, Ra?bits, even taking on odd jobs like laundry and such. Taking care of flowers is a part of his daily routine, and he often takes the initiative to prepare the drinks in the tea club.BlueMio
Takamine Midori(Ensemble Stars!) The tallest among the first years, Midori is blessed with good looks and physique, but has no confidence and is a bit timid. He often makes inappropriate remarks and rants. Formal and honorific speech is his weakness.GreenShinya
Tenma Mitsuru(Ensemble Stars!) Cheerful, energetic, carefree, and oblivious, Mitsuru is always smiling, but he's not exactly the sharpest pencil in the box, and neither does he think things over carefully. He doesn't really pay attention when someone's talking to him, and gives no heed to sarcasm.BrownShinya
Tsukinaga Leo(Ensemble Stars!) Leo is the leader of the unit "Knights". The songs he creates are recognized by both himself and others as the music of a genius.OrangeSelena
Aido Seiya(I-chu) Seiya is a member of F∞F, and originally from America. He collects Japanese accessories.BlueSelena
Baber(I-chu) Baber is the second oldest of the I-chu idols, but speaks in a childlike manner. He is a member of the unit Alchemist.PurpleSelena
Guilty Clown(I-chu) Guilty Clown is an obedient member of the unit RE:BERSERK. He has been friends with Eva and Mio since childhood. His real name is Jumonji Ban.PurpleSelena
Hanabusa Kokoro(I-chu) Kokoro has a split personality; arrogant towards his fellow idols, but cutesy and loveable to his fans. He convinced himself before that he was better off alone until Runa and Momosuke join his unit, POP'N STAR.PinkSelena
Kagurazaka Runa(I-chu) Runa is a member of the unit POP'N STAR, and is more insecure with crossdressing. He was invited by Kokoro to become an idol, and is interested to see how far he'll go in the industry. His real name is Kagurazaka Tsuki.PinkSelena
Madarao Tatsumi(I-chu) Tatsumi is a big tsundere, and also full of determination. He is a member of Tenjyou Tenge.RedSelena
Minato Kanata(I-chu) Kanata is a member of F?F, and a former actor. He always carries a rabbit plush named Rabirabi with him.GreenSelena
Mitsurugi Akira(I-chu) Akira is a member of F∞F and is also considered the "older brother". He used to be a model.RedSelena
Todoroki Issei(I-chu) Issei is the hot-blooded member of the unit Lancelot, and usually acts in a menacing manner towards others. He has been friends with Futami and Takamichi since high school.OrangeSelena
Izumi Mitsuki(IDOLiSH7) He is a positive ray of energy for most of the other members of IDOLiSH7. He takes on the role of older brother for many of the younger members as well as his own younger brother Iori Izumi. His energetic personality very often sets or repairs the mood.OrangeShinya
Kujo Tenn(IDOLiSH7) Tenn is known as the people's angel who thinks only of his fans. His sweet demeanor on stage and perfection in just about everything he does endears him to his fans.RedMio
Nanase Riku(IDOLiSH7) Riku has a cute and energetic disposition that belies how frail his body actually is. Despite that, he works hard to do what he can do, and doesn't want to be a burden to others.RedMio
Nikaido Yamato(IDOLiSH7) He comes across as very lazy and easy-going, but he is very passionate about what he does and cares a lot about the other members of IDOLiSH7. He took up the position of "Leader" only because he was the oldest in the group.GreenShinya
Rokuya Nagi(IDOLiSH7) Nagi's remarkably good looks and high charisma combine to turn him into a bit of a flirting machine - so he's often seen flirting with women. The combination, however, was a double-edged sword as it resulted in him not having many friends growing up.YellowCami
Sunohara Momose(IDOLiSH7) The energetic, cute member of the duo Re:vale! Momo has a bit of a mischievous side and seems to drag Yuki into his schemes.PinkAjisaitea
Tsunashi Ryunosuke(IDOLiSH7) He is actually a very shy and timid soul, who has a difficult time talking with women due to growing up with his brothers. TRIGGER's "Wild and Sexy" is exactly that: without even trying, Ryuu's charm speaks for itself.BlueShinya
Yaotome Gaku(IDOLiSH7) Gaku is rough-spoken and has a fairly intimidating aura about him, so there are a lot of rumors swirling around about how nasty he must be. In reality, he is very honest and upright in his beliefs and actions, and is likely hurt the most by the variety of awful rumors swirling around about TRIGGER.PurpleMio
Yotsuba Tamaki(IDOLiSH7) Tamaki is a fairly menacing-looking kid who speaks roughly and does everything with his heart rather than his head.BlueMio
Ayase Eli(Love Live!) A 17-year-old, third-year high school student and the student council president. With a sharp mind and superb athletic abilities, she does everything thrown at her flawlessly.BlueMio
Hoshizora Rin(Love Live!) Rin is a first-year student in Otonokizaka High School, and a member of the unit lily white. She has been best friends with Hanayo since childhood.YellowSelena
Koizumi Hanayo(Love Live!) Hanayo is a first-year in Otonokizaka High School. She is a member of Printemps, a sub-unit under µ's. She has also been friends with Rin since childhood.YellowSelena
Minami Kotori(Love Live!) Kotori Minami is one of the nine main characters in Love Live!. She is a second-year in Otonokizaka High School. She is also known as "Legendary Maid Minalinsky" while working in Akihabara.GreenCami
Nishikino Maki(Love Live!) Maki is a 15-year-old, first-year high school student and the daughter of a wealthy family. Her singing is top-notch and she can also play the piano. Haughty and proud, she doesn't reveal her true emotions often.RedCami
Sonoda Umi(Love Live!) Raised in a family that runs a school of traditional Japanese dance, Umi is a refined girl with perfect manners and has a dignified air around her.BlueCami
Toujou Nozomi(Love Live!) Nozomi is a third-year in Otonokizaka High School. She is the former vice-president of the student council and the eldest member of μ's.PurpleSami
Yazawa Nico(Love Live!) A 17-year-old, third-year high school student and a true idol otaku. An upperclassman who's trying her hardest around the clock to become an idol, but it turns out that she often makes mistakes and is unexpectedly clumsy. Her favorite saying is Nico Nico Smile.PinkMio
Matsuura Kanan(Love Live! Sunshine!!) Kanan is a third-year student living alone on the offshore island of Awashima with her grandfather, who runs a diving shop there. She loves nature, claiming that she is happy every day just by being able to see the dazzling sun, the blue skies and the sea.GreenSami
Ohara Mari(Love Live! Sunshine!!) Mari is a third-year at Uranohoshi Girls' High School as well as the school's chairwoman. She has a cheerful personality, makes many jokes, and often prefers to work by herself.PurpleSami
Sakurauchi Riko(Love Live! Sunshine!!) Riko is a second-year student at Uranohoshi Girls' High School who transferred from Otonokizaka High School. She is the composer of Aqours.RedCassidy
Takami Chika(Love Live! Sunshine!!) The second-year student at Uranohoshi Girls High School who launched Aqours. She's sociable, hates giving up and her positive, pushy attitude gradually affects everyone around her.OrangeMio
Tsushima Yoshiko(Love Live! Sunshine!!) Also known as Yohane, Yoshiko is a first-year in Uranohoshi Girls' High School. She is a member of Guilty Kiss, a sub-unit under Aqours.GraySelena
Watanabe You(Love Live! Sunshine!!) You is a second-year in Uranohoshi Girls' High School. She is a member of CYaRon!, a sub-unit under Aqours.BlueSelena
Anjou Louis(Magic-Kyun! Renaissance) Louis is a third year student who is indiscriminately kind to everyone and puts those around him in a good mood. He is always making jokes, but he hides his anguished feelings. He hardly ever takes things seriously and has dancing abilities that captivate anyone that watches.YellowSami
Tsukushi Monet(Magic-Kyun! Renaissance) A confident and slightly cheeky first year student, he is shy and sensitive to the words of others, but once he's opened his heart to someone, he gets needy. He is known as the "Monochrome Prince" for his monochrome paintings. He has a pet hedgehog named Rin.PurpleSami
Mariko(Million Doll) An underground idol who lives with her single mother. Spurred on by Ry?-san and the rest of her fans, Mariko is extremity talented and sets her sights on stardom, but struggles with obtaining popularity in comparison to Itorio.PurpleLeonii
Hoshina Utau(Other) Shugo Chara - Utau is a high school student turned singing idol.PurpleJessica
Nanami Lucia(Other) Mermaid Melody - Lucia is the mermaid princess of the North Pacific Ocean and the keeper of the pink pearl.OrangeJessica
Ranka Lee(Other) Macross Frontier - Known as the "Super-Dimension Cinderella" , Ranka is a petite, lively and cheerful (although naive) teenage girl with green hair.GreenJessica
Risette(Other) Persona 4 - Rise is a popular idol known as Risette, she takes a brief hiatus and returns to her home town. She is a first-year student at Yasogami High School.PurpleHisuiryu
Yusarin(Other) Charlotte - Yusa is the lead vocalist of the band How-Low-Hello and a teen idol of sorts. She's often displayed as the cute and innocent girl, she's also a very helpful girl, often sending out "magic spells" that help people in their current situation which started during a segment on a TV show.RedShinya
Suzuno Ito(Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live) Ito is a 14-year old, cool-style 8th-grade girl. She is also the makeup director at Prism Stone. She can feel the "heat" of music. Her Prism Live instrument is the keyboard. She is dating fellow musician Mihama Kouji.PurpleLeonii
Takanashi Otoha(Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live) Otoha is a 14-year old girl in 8th grade with a Feminine-type style. She is a member of Edel Rose, the rival team that confronts Prism Stone. Her Prism Live instrument is a saxophone.YellowLeonii
Hijirikawa Cyan(Show by Rock!!) Cyan is a gothic lolita kitty and a member of the band Plasmagica. Her instrument is the Strawberry Heart guitar.PinkSelena
Amami Haruka(The iDOLM@STER) Haruka is a very cheerful and hard-working girl who loves to sing. Due to her nature, she can quite easily get along with almost anybody. She is also a very clumsy girl who frequently trips and falls.RedCami
Hoshii Miki(The iDOLM@STER) Known by her fans as the "Visual Queen", Miki is a very lazy and laid-back character who never takes anything seriously.GreenCami
Kisaragi Chihaya(The iDOLM@STER) Chihaya has a very odd sense of humor, laughing loudly at the lamest jokes, almost making herself look a little foolish and childish to others sometimes.BlueKairi
Hoshi Syoko(The iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls) Syoko is an introverted girl with a passion for mushrooms - which includes growing them. She is also awkward and lacks communication skills, and often stutters when talking.PinkMio
Ichinose Shiki(The iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls) Shiki is a curious girl who can be described only as "a mad scientist". She loves experiments, and is motivated by finding new things to hold her attention; if it's not interesting, she's not interested.PinkMio
Kamiya Nao(The iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls) Nao is a tsundere-type character who wishes to become more girly. However, she's bad at expressing herself and gets embarrassed incredibly easily.GreenCassidy
Miyamoto Frederica(The iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls) A half-French, half-Japanese girl born in Paris, Frederica is energetic, care-free, stylish, and flirty. Despite being half-French, Frederica has lived most of her life in Japan and doesn't actually know how to speak French, but is guilty of often sprinkling incorrect French into her sentences.PurpleMio
Mukai Takumi(The iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls) Takumi is a rough-riding sukeban who left the gang life behind for the stage. Although she worries about her rep, Takumi brings all her passion to her performances.PurpleSwim Swim
Ninomiya Asuka(The iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls) Asuka is the rival boss idol of the Shizuoka area. She is intense and brooding, and trying to find her identity like many other 14-year-olds.PurpleMio
Shirasaka Koume(The iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls) Koume is a 13-year-old girl interested in gothic culture. She seems to like everything related to the horror genre, often tending to scare the other idols.BlueMio
Tanaka Kotoha(The iDOLM@STER: Million Live!) Kotoha is a diligent girl who is seemingly perfect at everything. She suffers self-esteem issues, but with the help of her friends does her best as an idol.GreenSwim Swim
Amagase Touma(The iDOLM@STER: SideM) Touma is a serious and competitive 17 year old. He is often angry and dislikes it when he has to face weak opponents. Even though Touma talks to his rivals in a rude matter, he is quite polite when in front of the staff.GreenCami
Asselin BB II(The iDOLM@STER: SideM) Asselin is a self-proclaimed "servant of Satan", but in reality is simply a chef. The toy on his shoulder is actually Satan itself, and he refuses to go anywhere without it. He is a member of the unit Café Parade.RedSelena
Iseya Shiki(The iDOLM@STER: SideM) Shiki is the lead vocalist of his high school's music club that later forms into the unit High×Joker. He's not the best at academics, so he studies with his friends a few days before exams.PinkSelena
Kashiwagi Tsubasa(The iDOLM@STER: SideM) Tsubasa is a former pilot, and is a member of the unit DRAMATIC STARS. He also has a large appetite.GreenSelena
Kitamura Sora(The iDOLM@STER: SideM) Sora is quiet with a laid-back aura and an artistic disposition. He is very observant of those around him and composes haiku in his head about other people.GreenCami
Mizushima Saki(The iDOLM@STER: SideM) Saki is a boy who became an idol to express his love of cute things and to be himself. Because his father is strict about him having to be masculine, he keeps his idol persona a secret from his schoolmates and family. He is a member of the unit Café Parade.PinkSelena
Okamura Nao(The iDOLM@STER: SideM) Nao is an ex-child actor with stage fright. He is a member of the unit Mofumofuen.GraySelena
Pierre(The iDOLM@STER: SideM) Pierre is a young foreigner prince who used to work and owned an amusement park as a mascot handing out free balloons. He loves to entertain and make people smile, and decided a career change to an idol was a natural choice. He is a member of the unit Beit.YellowSelena
Sakuraba Kaoru(The iDOLM@STER: SideM) Kaoru is a stoic doctor who tends to come off as a perfectionist. His career choice and drive to become an idol is due to his older sister who died when he was young. He is a member of the unit DRAMATIC STARS.BlueSelena
Tachibana Shiro(The iDOLM@STER: SideM) Shiro is a confident ex-child actor who was on the same show as Nao. He is a member of the unit Mofumofuen.RedSelena
Tendo Teru(The iDOLM@STER: SideM) Teru is a former hot-blooded lawyer who has dreamed of being a superhero ever since he was young because for what superheroes stand for, like protecting and never abandoning the weak.RedCami
Wakazoto Haruna(The iDOLM@STER: SideM) Haruna is the light music drummer of the five-high school band High×Joker. He's a sweet, curious boy who loves food, especially sweets like donuts.GreenCami
Kannaduki Iku(Tsukiuta) Iku is lively, and athletic, preferring to be constantly in motion compared to staying still. He is the type who always looks forward and remains aware of those around him. He also exudes a natural aura of masculinity.BrownShinya
Kisaragi Koi(Tsukiuta) He is a naturally friendly, amiable type of person. He's also quite the mood-maker, and plays the funny man role and can throw sharp retorts, making him a reliable member of his unit.PinkShinya
Satsuki Aoi(Tsukiuta) He is described to be a refreshing person, to the point that he can be too refreshing. He is a naturally diligent, serious person, which makes it hard for him to laze around and take things easy.BlueShinya
Shimotsuki Shun(Tsukiuta) Shun is bizarre and unpredictable, doing what he pleases without much thought or restraint. He tends to have a meaningful smile on him, and behaves or speaks mysteriously, but his close friends would be able to tell that they don't actually hold any deep meaning.GrayShinya
Shiwasu Kakeru(Tsukiuta) A cheerful labor (part-time job) boy, Kakeru is lively, works with all his might with little complaint, is rarely discouraged and does not like to lose. Despite his unlucky constitution, he starts his day in high-spirits and top-form. He is the type who will only continue to grow as time passes.OrangeShinya
Uduki Arata(Tsukiuta) Arata is a laid-back, unhurried person who takes things at his own pace, often compared to a cat in a sunny area. He tends to be someone who sits at either end of the spectrum when it comes to work.OrangeShinya
Aijima Cecil(Uta no Prince-Sama) Cecil is a foreigner from Agnapolis, and a member of the idol group ST☆RISH.GreenSelena
Camus(Uta no Prince-Sama) Camus is a member of QUARTET NIGHT and is the senior assigned to train Aijima Cecil. He can appear to be two-faced, having a different attitude on and off-screen.BlueMio
Hijirikawa Masato(Uta no Prince-Sama) Masato is a student of Saotome Gakuen, sorted into A Class, as well as a member of the idol group ST☆RISH.BlueCassidy
Ichinose Tokiya(Uta no Prince-Sama) Tokiya is a member of Saotome Academy's S-Class and specializes in vocals.BlueCami
Jinguji Ren(Uta no Prince-Sama) Ren is a student of Saotome Gakuen, sorted into S Class, as well as a member of the idol group ST☆RISH.OrangeHaylee
Kotobuki Reiji(Uta no Prince-Sama) Reiji is a member of the idol group QUARTET NIGHT and was the senior assigned to train Ittoki Otoya and Ichinose Tokiya in their Master Course.GreenHaylee
Kurosaki Ranmaru(Uta no Prince-Sama) Ranmaru is known to have a have a strong sense of duty and can be seen as rude and unagreeable to agree at times. He considers himself as a rocker by his own ideals. He loves to nap and will pretty much fall asleep just about anywhere.PurpleCami
Kurusu Syo(Uta no Prince-Sama) Syo is a student of Saotome Academy, sorted into S Class. He is a member of ST☆RISH and the twin brother of Kaoru.PinkKupo
Mikaze Ai(Uta no Prince-Sama) Ai is very apt and hardworking and expects everyone around him to be the same.BlueAjisaitea
Shinomiya Natsuki(Uta no Prince-Sama) Natsuki is a student of Saotome Gakuen from Class A, as well as a member of the group idol ST☆RISH. He suffers a split personality problem called "Gemini syndrome" and his other side goes by the name Satsuki.YellowKupo
Hisami Nanami(Wake Up, Girls!) Nanami is the youngest member of the group who aspires to be a part of the Hikarizuka one day. She is very prideful and loves to sing, act, and play the piano. PurpleCas
Katayama Minami(Wake Up, Girls!) Minami is a girl who is as bright as the sun and loves to eat. Despite not being the youngest, she is considered to be the little sister of the group. She enjoys singing at a home for senior citizens, and is recruited to WUG after winning a local folk singing competition.YellowCas
Shimada Mayu(Wake Up, Girls!) Mayu is the former center of the famous idol group, I-1 Club, and the current center of Wake Up, Girls! She is the final member to join WUG, after realizing that being an idol brought her happiness.RedCas


Deck NameDescriptionColorDonated By
Kimi to Iu Hikari(Magic-Kyun! Renaissance) Kohana stumbles across Teika singing.PurpleSami


Deck NameDescriptionColorDonated By
One Step (Sky-Girl)(Aikatsu Stars!) Mahiru, Tsubasa, and Yozora perform "One Step" as the unit Sky-Girl.BlueCami
One Step (Yuzukoshou)(Aikatsu Stars!) Yuzu, Yume, and Ako perform "One Step" as the unit, Yuzukoshou.YellowCami
Start Line (Yume ver.)(Aikatsu Stars!) Yume performs "Start Line" for her first solo live.PinkCami
Glass Doll (Yurika Ver.)(Aikatsu!) Yurika performs "Glass Doll" with her new premium dress.PurpleSasuraUchiha
Smiling Suncatcher(Aikatsu!) WM performs "Smiling Suncatcher" for their debut live.PinkCassidy
Angelic Angel(Love Live!) µ's perform "Angelic Angel" in New York's Times Square and Central Park to promote and gather more support for Love Live!PurpleCassidy
Dancing stars on me!(Love Live!) μ’s performace of Dancing Stars on Me.PinkSami
Evolution Eve(Uta no Prince-Sama) QUARTET NIGHT performing "Evolution Eve" at the SSS Competition.PurpleHisuiryu
HE★VENS GATE(Uta no Prince-Sama) HE★VENS performing "HE★VENS GATE" at the UtaPri Award show.BlueHisuiryu
Maji Love 1000%(Uta no Prince-Sama) ST☆RISH performing "Maji LOVE 1000%" in their debut concert.RedHisuiryu


Deck NameDescriptionColorDonated By
Signalize(Aikatsu!) Season 1, Opening 1BlueCami
GaRuPa PICO(BanG Dream!) Opening theme for GaRuPa☆PICOPinkLex
Tokimeki Experience!(BanG Dream!) Season 1 OpeningBlueJessica
Bokura wa Ima no Naka de(Love Live!) Season 1 OpeningPinkMio
Magic-Kyun! No. 1(Magic-Kyun! Renaissance) Season 1 OpeningBlueSami
Orpheus(Uta no Prince-Sama) Season 1 OpeningBlueCami
Kanon(Uta no Prince-Sama) Season 2 OpeningPurpleCami


Deck NameDescriptionColorDonated By
25th Generation(Aikatsu Stars!) Hime, Tsubasa, Yuzu, and Yozora make up the 25th generation of S4.RedCami
26th Generation(Aikatsu Stars!) Yume, Ako, Mahiru, and Yuzu make up the 26th generation of S4.BlueCami
27th Generation(Aikatsu Stars!) Yume, Ako, Mahiru, and Haruka☆Ruka make up the 27th generation of S4.OrangeCami
Aki-Colle(Aikatsu Stars!) Cover artwork for "Aikatsu Stars! Insert Song Single 3 - Autumn Collection"OrangeCassidy
Piano Lessons(Aikatsu Stars!) Yume and Laura play the pianoGreenCami
Vivid Kiss(Aikatsu!) Mikuru and Hinaki are the two most prominent idols who wear the Vivid Kiss brand.OrangeCami
Autumn Picnic(BanG Dream!) Chisato and Kanon hold hands surrounded by nature.GreenLex
Backstage Admiration(BanG Dream!) Yuri and Rimi meeting each other backstage.PinkCami
Beach Fashion(BanG Dream!) Kokoro, Eve, and Tae pose in their swimsuits at the beach.BlueCami
Bouquet Feelings(BanG Dream!) Pastel*Palettes presents Chisato with a bouquet of flowers after a show.OrangeLex
Carousel Ride(BanG Dream!) Tae and Saaya ride a carousel horse together.BlueLex
Cheering Ensemble(BanG Dream!) Kasumi and Rimi perform together.OrangeLex
Chocolate Parfait(BanG Dream!) Rimi eating a chocolate parfait while at a fast food restaurant with Saaya.BrownCami
Festive Surprise(BanG Dream!) The girls of Pastel*Palettes are greeted by a nice surprise.RedCami
Flower Girls(BanG Dream!) Ran and Tsugumi with potted flowers in front of the Hazawa family café.BlueCami
Fuji Park(BanG Dream!) Aya, Hagumi, Kasumi, Ako, and Moca in front of Fuji-Q Highland park.GreenLex
Graceful Tea Time(BanG Dream!) Kanon braids Chisato's hair in the afternoon sun.YellowLex
Halloween Dress-Up(BanG Dream!) Tomoe and Himari getting dressed for Halloween.OrangeCami
Halloween Street(BanG Dream!) Kokoro and Misaki out during HalloweenOrangeCami
Happy Adventure(BanG Dream!) Kokoro and Hagumi look at a treasure map togenther.RedLex
Happy Tea Time(BanG Dream!) Lisa, Ako, and Sayo having tea together.BrownCami
Heartthrob Showtime(BanG Dream!) Kaoru, Tomoe, and others prepare for a White Day musical.GrayLex
Hello, Happy World!(BanG Dream!) Hello, Happy World is a band made up of Tsurumaki Kokoro, Okusawa Misaki, Matsubara Kanon, Seta Kaoru, and Kitazawa Hagumi.OrangeCami
Holding Hands(BanG Dream!) Rimi and Tae hold hands under summer festival fireworks.BlueLex
Indispensable Existence(BanG Dream!) Yukina wipes away Lisa's tears.PurpleCami
Lazy Day(BanG Dream!) Lisa and Yukina having a lazy day at the pool.BlueCami
Lisa's Lyrics(BanG Dream!) Yukina reads through Lisa's lyrics while waiting at a bus stop.BrownCami
Mermaid Rhythm(BanG Dream!) Lisa swimming underwater with her bass guitar.PinkCami
Merry-Go-Round(BanG Dream!) Tae and Saaya ride a merry-go-round.OrangeLex
Mischievous Devil(BanG Dream!) Hina dresses as a devil for a Halloween show.PurpleCami
Necromancer(BanG Dream!) Ako and Rinko casting a spell in RPG outfits.PurpleLex
Photo Decorations(BanG Dream!) A decorated photo of the members of Poppin'Party.YellowLex
Puppet Show(BanG Dream!) Kokoro and Saaya putting on a puppet show.OrangeCami
Selfie Time(BanG Dream!) Himari, Tomoe, Eve, and Aya take a selfie together.PinkLex
Shuwarin☆Dreaming(BanG Dream!) "Shuwarin☆Dreaming" is the first single released by Pastel*Palettes.PinkCami
Sports Champion(BanG Dream!) Hagumi celebrates winning the school's Sports Day with Kasumi and Saaya.RedLex
Star Tambourine(BanG Dream!) Kasumi and Arisa performing together.RedLex
Starry Night(BanG Dream!) Arisa, Kasumi, and Saaya gazing at the starsBlueCami
Sweets Fair(BanG Dream!) Tomoe and Himari at a sweets fair.PinkCami
Swimmer Style(BanG Dream!) Rinko, Ako, Lisa, and Himari showing off their swimsuits.BlueCami
Unchanging Friendship(BanG Dream!) Himari, Ran, and Tomoe backstage after a performance.RedLex
Worker Buddies(BanG Dream!) Lisa and Moca hanging out while on break from their part-time job.GrayCami
YAPPY SCHOOL CARNIVAL(BanG Dream!) Cover artwork for Hello Happy World's "YAPPY SCHOOL CARNIVAL" single.YellowCami
Checkmate Tonight(Dynamic Chord) Cover artwork for Reve Parfait's "Checkmate Tonight"PinkSami
Reve Parfait(Dynamic Chord) Reon, Tsumugi, Kuon, and Aki make up the group Reve ParfaitPurpleSami
Bewitching Theatre(Ensemble Stars!) Cover artwork for Valkyrie's second unit song CDRedMio
Destruction Road(Ensemble Stars!) Cover artwork for UNDEAD's second unit song CDBrownCami
Fortissimo of Flutter(Ensemble Stars!) Cover artwork for fine's second unit song CDBlueCami
Gate of the Abyss(Ensemble Stars!) Cover artwork for UNDEAD's third unit song CDBlueCami
Grateful Allegiance(Ensemble Stars!) Cover artwork for Knights' first studio album release.BlueCami
Honey Zombie(Ensemble Stars!) Shino Hajime getting ready for Halloween!PurpleShinya
Melody in the Dark(Ensemble Stars!) Cover artwork for UNDEAD's first unit song CDPurpleCami
Rainbow Circus(Ensemble Stars!) Cover artwork for fine's first unit song CDBlueCami
Silent Oath(Ensemble Stars!) Cover artwork for Knights' second unit song CDGrayCami
Temptation Magic(Ensemble Stars!) Cover artwork for Switch's first unit song CDGreenCami
Creation(I-chu) Cover illustration of creation 06, featuring the members of the unit Lancelot.BlueSelena
Black or White(IDOLiSH7) Promo artwork from the "BLACK OR WHITE" event for IDOLiSH7's mobile game.GrayCami
Koi no Kakera(IDOLiSH7) Cover artwork for MEZZO's "Koi no Kakera" single albumPinkCami
Matsuri(IDOLiSH7) Cover artwork for "Danshi Tarumono! ~MATSURI~"RedShinya
MEZZO(IDOLiSH7) MEZZO is a 2-person subunit of IDOLiSH7, consisting of Yotsuba Tamaki and Osaka Sogo.BlueCami
Nagoya Sigma Dome(IDOLiSH7) TRIGGER waving at their fans after a concert.RedShinya
Regality(IDOLiSH7) Cover artwork for TRIGGER's "Regality" albumBlueCami
Secret Night(IDOLiSH7) Cover artwork for TRIGGER's "Secret Night" single album.PurpleMio
TRIGGER(IDOLiSH7) Illustration of TRIGGER - made up of Yaotome Gaku, Kujo Tenn, and Tsunashi Ryunosuke - by Tanemura ArinaGrayMio
Flower Bouquet(Love Live!) Umi and Nico holding flower bouquets.RedCas
Mermaids(Love Live!) Nozomi and Maki dressed as mermaids.PinkCassidy
Meteor Shower(Love Live!) Honoka and Umi stargazing during a meteor shower.PurpleHisuiryu
Sweet Treat(Love Live!) Kotori and Hanayo enjoying some sweets together.GreenSelena
Winter's Premonition(Love Live!) Cover artwork for BiBi's third single, "Fuyu ga Kureta Yokan"BlueCassidy
Ocean Glow(Love Live! Sunshine!!) Ruby and Mari enjoying the ocean's waves.PinkSelena
Snow Fairies(Love Live! Sunshine!!) Chika and Mari dressed as snow fairies in a winter wonderland.BlueHisuiryu
Witchy Pair(Love Live! Sunshine!!) Kanan and Hanamaru dressed up as witches for Halloween.BlueSelena
In Full Bloom(Magic-Kyun! Renaissance) Aoi, Kanato, Kohana, Louis, Monet, Rintaro, and Teika surrounded by flowers.RedSami
Shingan Crimsonz(Show by Rock!!) Crow, Yaiba, Aion, and Rom make up the band Shingan Crimsonz.RedCami
Halloween Treats(The iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls) Nono, Syoko, and Mirei emptying out their halloween candy.RedMio
Bloody Shadows(Uta no Prince-Sama) Cover artwork for "BLOODY SHADOWS"PurpleMio
Gamushara ROman☆Tic(Uta no Prince-Sama) Cover artwork for Tokiya, Reiji, and Otoya's debut unit drama CD.GreenCami
Giving You Courage(Uta no Prince-Sama) Haruka encourages Tokiya to continue his career as an idol.GreenCami
Masquerade Mirage(Uta no Prince-Sama) Cover artwork for the first Shining Theatrical Troupe CD, "Masquerade Mirage".GreenHisuiryu
Beyond the Bottom(Wake Up, Girls!) The cover art for "Beyond the Bottom", the theme for the third Wake Up, Girls! movie.GreenCas
Tachiagare!(Wake Up, Girls!) The cover art for WUG's first single, "Tachiagare!"BlueCas


Deck NameDescriptionColorDonated By
Starlight Academy(Aikatsu!) Supporting characters from the Aikatsu! franchiseBlueCami
Grand Opening(Collaboration Stage) CS #002 - Made from images selected by members.BlueMembers
Halloween 2018(Collaboration Stage) Special Staff-Only Collab → Halloween 2018OrangeSpotlight! Staff
Orange(Collaboration Stage) CS #003 - Made from orange-colored images donated by members.OrangeMembers
Prejoin(Collaboration Stage) CS #001 - Made from images selected by prejoiners.PurpleMembers
Memories Melodies(IDOLiSH7) PV for "Memories Melodies" as performed by IDOLiSH7PurpleCami
June Wedding(Love Live!) The girls of µ's wearing wedding dresses from the "June Wedding" gacha series.BlueSami
Land of Fairies(Love Live!) The girls of µ's wearing outfits from the "Land of Fairies" gacha series.GreenSami
Little Devil Collection(Love Live!) The girls of µ's wearing outfits from the "Little Devil" gacha series.PinkCami
Snow Halation(Love Live!) PV for "Snow Halation" as performed by µ'sBlueCami
GO NOW(Readyyy! Project) PV for "GO NOW!" as performed by RayGlanZPurpleHisuiryu
Midi City(Show by Rock!!) Assorted characters in their animal forms from the series Show By Rock!!PurpleSelena