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Status: Open
Prejoin: 08.06.2018
Date: 09.24.2018
Owner: Cami
Released Decks: 260
Unreleased Decks: 40
Artists: 23 (17 a, 6 p/h)
About Spotlight!
Spotlight! is an online TCG that is dedicated to idol-centric series that originate from Japan. Idols are heavily promoted multimedia stars. In Japan, they are adored by the masses and frequently perform at concerts or events; however, the idol industry is both competitive and harsh, and many involved have short-lived careers. Read more?
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Site Updates

Merry Christmas!

New Members: None
Levels: Lex (Rookie → Rising Star), Mio (Established), Pam (Rookie), Selena (Established)
Masteries: Cas (winterspremonition, hellohappyworld, angelicangel, kisaragichihaya, udagawaako), Hisuiryu (watanabeyou), Lex (carouselride, garupapico, tokimekiexperience, minamikotori, angelicangel, happyadventure, indispensableexistence, mermaidrhythm, okusawamisaki, toyamakasumi), Mio (junewedding, shirasakakoume, tsukinagaleo, kotobukireiji, mermaids, sakumaritsu, miyamotofrederica, yazawanico), Pam (oogamikoga), Sami (senaizumi, kurususyo), Shinya (kiryukuro, nagoyasigmadome, smilingsuncatcher, akehoshisubaru),

Games: Since I was basically M.I.A for the past two weeks, the following game sets have been updated - WEEKLY, BIWEEKLY SET 1, and BIWEEKLY SET 2. Set 1 should have been updated last week, I know, and it will be updated again next week - just to keep on schedule. Sorry about this, guys. I'll try to have these rounds prepared more in advance so Jess can just update the files in the future.

Wishing Well: We've got two wishes for you again this week since Christmas is literally tomorrow today - and you're free to consider this a Christmas gift from us!

Mireia wished for:

My birthday was on the 5th of this month so I want for everyone to take 5 choice cards!

Don't worry about limits or restrictions because there aren't any!

SasuraUchiha wished for:

Because Christmas is around the corner, I wish for everyone to take choice cards spelling out "Christmas 2018". Maybe even without restrictions?

Let's see what we can do about this, shall we? While I'd like to make it restriction-free, that's just not possible with how many choice cards that have been given out these past few days. They can certainly be raised, though, so enjoy having a limit of 6 cards per deck. Make sure to comment with what you take!

New Decks: Here are the decks that we have for you this week. As always, it is a combination of voted decks and admin-choice decks.

The current Featured Artist, Shinya, requested the release of nitonazuna so they may take an extra card from that deck on top of her normal freebies.

You may claim up to ten (10) cards from this release with a limit of two (2) cards per deck.
Donators and/or deck makers may claim an additional card from each deck that they made/donated.
Please organize your pull swaps in the #trades-and-pulls channel of our Discord server.
If there is nothing that you want to keep from this release (and you are unable to swap them with someone else), please click here for the update randomizer. This randomizer will log your cards automatically if you are signed in.
If you donated to the "orange" collaboration deck, the cards you donated will not count towards your 10 pulls.

Event Cards: We've got two new event cards for you today. One of them is because today just so happens to be Christmas - and the other is because we now officially have 300 decks released!

Event Cards: ev-christmas2018, ev-250decks

Closing Notes: Since the first day of the new month comes directly after next week's weekly update, I'll be combining the two on January 1, 2019 instead of separating them. Next week's update will still be a standard 10-deck update, though. (The double release will be on January 7.)

by Selena on 26 Dec 2018 04:20 am
Event Cards: ev-christmas2018, ev-250decks
New Decks: nitonazuna01, nitonazuna02, nitonazuna07, nitonazuna08, hanabusakokoro01, hanabusakokoro02, hanabusakokoro03, hanabusakokoro04, risette13, risette20
Donated: nitonazuna03, hanabusakokoro05
Idol Perk (Kurosawa Ruby): nitonazuna05, nitonazuna06
Choice Cards: otogariadonis21, otogariadonis22, otogariadonis23, otogariadonis24, otogariadonis25
CHRISTMAS 2018: oceanglow15, takamichika02, mitsurugiakira05, takamichika03, mitsurugiakira06, takamichika04, takamichika06, oceanglow16, mitsurugiakira07, oceanglow22, dancingstarsonme08, oceanglow17, mitsurugiakira08

Happy holidays :)
by Pam on 27 Dec 2018 12:28 am
wish(mireia) took blackorwhite21, tsukinagaleo06, yotsubatamaki18, wakazotoharuna03, udukiarata23

wish(sasuraUchih) took C-camus01, H-heavensgate25, R-reveparfait02, I-iseyashiki25, S-sakumaritsu25, T-tachibanashiro02, M-mizushimasaki25, A-amagasetouma03, S-silentoath01, 2-shiwasukakeru22, 0-hijirikawamasato09, 1-otogariadonis11, 8-nagoyasigmadome18

new sets took kitazawahagumi25, hanabusakokoro13, risette01, kashiwagitsubasa08, shimadamayu25, nitonazuna16, necromancer01, yappyschoolcarnival25, masquerademirage13, memoriesmelodiespv22

Event Cards took ev-christmas2018, ev-250decks
by Sami on 28 Dec 2018 06:26 am
- Deck Release: kitazawahagumi17, kitazawahagumi18, kashiwagitsubasa17, kashiwagitsubasa18, necromancer07, necromancer08, yappyschoolcarnival07, yappyschoolcarnival14, nitonazuna11, nitonazuna09
- Idol Perk: kitazawahagumi19, kitazawahagumi22

- Wishes (5 Choice): takaminemidori09, takaminemidori12, takaminemidori15, takaminemidori16, takaminemidori19
- Wishes (Christmas 2018): aobamoca01, tsushimayoshiko02, orange11, takaminemidori22, tsushimayoshiko03, takaminemidori23, mashirotomoya20, tsushimayoshiko04, tsushimayoshiko05, takaminemidori24, tsushimayoshiko06, aobamoca16, tsushimayoshiko08

- Event Cards: ev-christmas2018, ev-250decks
by Hisuiryu on 30 Dec 2018 08:16 am
Wishing Well (Mireia): jingujiren04, jingujiren05, jingujiren09, jingujiren10, jingujiren14

Wishing Well (SasuraUchiha - CHRISTMAS2018): unchangingfriendship01, unchangingfriendship02, jingujiren24, jingujiren02, halloweendressup19, mitakeran21, mitakeran16, unchangingfriendship03, halloweendressup24, jingujiren23, jingujiren20, jingujiren19, unchangingfriendship18

New Decks: risette03, risette08, kitazawahagumi02, kitazawahagumi16, necromancer01, necromancer02, yappyschoolcarnival04, yappyschoolcarnival05, masquerademirage23, masquerademirage24

New Decks (Donated): risette13, masquerademirage25

Event Cards: ev-christmas2018, ev-250decks
by Lex on 30 Dec 2018 07:43 pm
New Decks: kitazawahagumi04, risette12, necromancer15, yappyschoolcarnival06, hanabusakokoro16, kashiwagitsubasa21, shimadamayu11, nitonazuna10, masquerademirage08, memoriesmelodiespv14

Idol Perk (Ushigome Rimi): kitazawahagumi23, necromancer09

Donated: kitazawahagumi15, necromancer22

Event Cards: ev-christmas2018, ev-250decks

Wish (5 Choice): winterspremonition04, winterspremonition09, winterspremonition11, winterspremonition15, winterspremonition16

Wish (CHRISTMAS 2018): littledevilcollection01, photodecorations02, photodecorations05, littledevilcollection03, photodecorations14, littledevilcollection12, ushigomerimi07, fujipark03, heartthrobshowtime08, lazyday23, aobamoca05, littledevilcollection14, aobamoca18

by SasuraUchiha on 30 Dec 2018 09:55 pm
Wishing Well (Mireia): matsuurakanan09, matsuurakanan13, matsuurakanan14, matsuurakanan15, matsuurakanan16
Wishing Well (Christmas 2018): smilingsuncatcher14, smilingsuncatcher15, matsuurakanan17, smilingsuncatcher16, matsuurakanan18, matsuurakanan20, matsuurakanan21, matsuurakanan22, matsuurakanan23, smilingsuncatcher21, oharamari09, oharamari11, oharamari18
New Decks: kitazawahagumi01, kitazawahagumi02, necromancer01, necromancer02, yappyschoolcarnival01, yappyschoolcarnival02, shimadamayu01, shimadamayu02, hanabusakokoro01, hanabusakokoro02
Event Cards: ev-christmas2018, ev-250decks
Idol Perk (Hikami Sumire): kitazawahagumi03, kitazawahagumi04
by Mio on 01 Jan 2019 10:14 pm
- NEW DECKS (181225): kitazawahagumi13, hanabusakokoro20, masquerademirage14, kashiwagitsubasa20, shimadamayu21, yappyschoolcarnival18 (10/10)
- NEW DECKS (181225): nitonazuna01, nitonazuna02, necromancer01, necromancer02 (4/10)
- Event Cards: ev-christmas2018, ev-250decks
- WISHING WELL - SasuraUchiha - Christmas 2018: backstageadmiration07, halloween201822, landoffairies15, landoffairies15, landoffairies12, backstageadmiration12, backstageadmiration14, halloween201823, landoffairies13, halloween201825, landoffairies10, landoffairies14, landoffairies08
- WISHING WELL - Mireia: halloween201814, halloween201815, halloween201816, halloween201817, halloween201818
by Shinya on 09 Jan 2019 02:27 am
- Event Cards: ev-christmas2018, ev-250decks
- Idol perk (Kujo Tenn #2): nitonazuna06, nitonazuna07
- Featured Artist: nitonazuna05
- New decks (idol perk/kujo tenn #1): nitonazuna01, nitonazuna02, nitonazuna03, nitonazuna04, memoriesmelodiespv01, memoriesmelodiespv02, memoriesmelodiespv03, memoriesmelodiespv04, kashiwagitsubasa01, kashiwagitsubasa02
- WISHING WELL (Mireia): aoihinata18, aoihinata20, aoihinata23, aoihinata24, startlineyume12
- WISHING WELL (SasuraUchiha): angelicangel04, mashirotomoya23, startlineyume14, angelicangel06, mashirotomoya21, startlineyume17, startlineyume25, angelicangel10, mashirotomoya22, koinokakera25, mashirotomoya20, koinokakera21, angelicangel18

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