Spotlight! ☆★☆ an idol anime tcg
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Status: Open
Prejoin: 08.06.2018
Date: 09.24.2018
Owner: Cami
Released Decks: 260
Unreleased Decks: 40
Artists: 23 (17 a, 6 p/h)
About Spotlight!
Spotlight! is an online TCG that is dedicated to idol-centric series that originate from Japan. Idols are heavily promoted multimedia stars. In Japan, they are adored by the masses and frequently perform at concerts or events; however, the idol industry is both competitive and harsh, and many involved have short-lived careers. Read more?
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Site Updates

Slowly, but steadily

I am very slowly adding decks to the site, but please keep in mind that I'm uploading each deck as they are made. This makes for a very, very slow process. In the past, I kinda just rushed through it - and I don't want to do that anymore.

Additionally, I'm also adding new activities that weren't part of our initial run as well as modifying the ones that did exist. Featured Artist, in particular, will be getting a big revamp. The rewards won't change much - aside from the benefits that come from being the Featured Artist, that is. With different card worths no longer being a thing, the benefit of being able to pick whatever choice cards you want regardless of the type of deck you master no longer applies. Instead, you'll be able to chain your masteries to each other - which has never been a thing on Spotlight as I wanted to avoid huge mastery chains. However, since only ONE person will be allowed to do it each month - I'm not all that worried about big mastery chains being submitted (especially since the 10-deck limit is still going to be a thing).

What else will be new? Uh...I'll write it out later I guess. For now, though, go join the forums! We need donations so that the TCG isn't just over-saturated with my favorites by the time prejoin officially starts. I'm working my way through the old ones right now, but if you feel like you can make your old donation better - and it hasn't been re-made already, now's your chance to do so!

Seriously, though, you do not want me picking all the opening decks since it would just be all boys. You all know I like my boys (or you should).

// EDIT - July 30, 2018: I just had to fight with coding to fix the calendar that I recently implemented. Nothing has changed if you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, but Safari should now feature a horizontal calendar instead of the cute calendar on the sidebar since it doesn't correctly parse innerHTML javascript least from what I've read, and I messed with a copy of the Javascript for like an hour or two before just coding a Safari-specific calendar.

// EDIT - August 03, 2018: I've decided on the official public prejoin opening date. Our doors will be open to the public on August 6, 2018. If you can figure out why I decided on this date, comment on this post and you'll get a small prize in your forum inbox.

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