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Status: Open
Prejoin: 08.06.2018
Date: 09.24.2018
Owner: Cami
Released Decks: 260
Unreleased Decks: 40
Artists: 23 (17 a, 6 p/h)
About Spotlight!
Spotlight! is an online TCG that is dedicated to idol-centric series that originate from Japan. Idols are heavily promoted multimedia stars. In Japan, they are adored by the masses and frequently perform at concerts or events; however, the idol industry is both competitive and harsh, and many involved have short-lived careers. Read more?
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Below you will find all of the current card decks arranged alphabetically in categories. Looking for the upcoming list? Click here. Looking for one deck in particular? Try using ctrl/command + f to find it.


Deck NameDescriptionDonated By
Aoba MocaMoca is a first-year student who plays the guitar for Afterglow. She has a sleepy demeanor and speaks with a slow, monotone voice, but is surprisingly sly at times and often playfully teases others.Lex
Hanazono TaeTae is the second guitarist of Poppin' Party and a first-year student at Hanasakigawa Girls' High School. She's a skilled guitarist who's been playing since she was little.Jessica
Hikawa HinaHina is a second-year student at Haneoka Girls' High School and is the guitarist of Pastel*Palettes. She is the younger, more bright-eyed twin of Hikawa Sayo.Cami
Hikawa SayoSayo is the guitarist of Roselia and a second-year student at Hanasakigawa Girls' High School. She is serious to fault and never cuts corners.Jessica
Ichigaya ArisaArisa is a first-year student at Hanasakigawa Girls' High School and the keyboardist of Poppin'Party. Cami
Imai LisaWith her flamboyant looks, Lisa is easily misunderstood as frivolous, but is actually a compassionate and faithful person. She has a lot of friends due to her stylishness and bright personality.Cami
Kitazawa HagumiHagumi is an energetic young girl who plays the bass for Hello, Happy World! Despite her tomboyish personality, Hagumi loves cute things and is very affectionate with her bandmates.Lex
Maruyama AyaMaruyama Aya is a second-year student at Hanasakigawa Girls' High School and is the lead singer of Pastel*Palettes.Cami
Matsubara KanonKanon is very clumsy, quick to tears, and has a bad sense of direction. She's a bit of a pushover and very shy.Mio
Minato YukinaYukina is a powerful vocalist, sparking the admiration of the other Roselia members. She has a strong-willed and stubborn personality and doesn't smile much in public.Cami
Mitake RanRan is the lead singer and guitarist for Afterglow. Though she comes off as aloof and keeps her problems to herself, she cares deeply for her friends and the band.Lex
Okusawa MisakiMisaki, under the guise of the mascot Michelle, is the reluctant DJ for the band Hello, Happy World.Cami
Shirasagi ChisatoChisato is a second-year student and is a member of Pastel*Palettes. She is polite and very responsible. Prior to joining Pastel*Palettes, she was a child actress and did not know how to play the bass.Haylee
Shirokane RinkoRinko is very shy and quiet, and at first is scared of the idea of performing in a live concert. She has an easily withdrawn and pessimistic personality, but is also the type to go to extremes for things she has decided on. Cami
Toyama KasumiKasumi is a first-year student at Hanasakigawa Girls' High School and is the vocalist and rhythm guitarist of Poppin' Party.Cami
Tsurumaki KokoroKokoro is the vocalist of the band (Hello, Happy World) and a first-year student at Hanasakigawa Girls' High School.Jessica
Udagawa AkoAko has chuunibyou tendencies. She always is researching ways to be cooler, and started using weird words as a side-effect. She often wonders how she can be a "cooler" drummer, and sometimes feels inadequate compared to her other band mates.Mio
Udagawa TomoeTomoe is a pretty chill person who never says anything bad about other people or holds grudges against them. She is interested in fashion and taiko drumming. Her younger sister is Udagawa Ako.Mio
Uehara HimariUehara Himari is a first-year student at Haneoka Girls' High School and is a member of Afterglow. Himari is cheerful, good-natured, and is the band coordinator. She's weak to tear-jerkers and sentimental episodes, and is fairly romantic.Sami
Ushigome RimiDuring their high school entrance ceremony, she heard Kasumi's intro that was filled with boundless optimism, and this sparked her interest in Kasumi. She is a huge fan of Yamabuki Bakery, and especially loves their chocolate cornet.Mio
Wakamiya EveEve is a first-year student at Hanasakigawa Girls' High School, originally from Finland, and is a member of Pastel*PalettesHaylee
Yamabuki SaayaSaaya is a first-year student at Hanasakigawa Girls' High School and is the drummer of Poppin'Party.Haylee
Yamato MayaAs an equipment geek, Maya is happiest when she's surrounded by instrument equipment. Prior to joining the band, she was a studio musician. Alecks


Deck NameDescriptionDonated By
GaRuPa PICOOpening theme for GaRuPa☆PICOLex
Tokimeki Experience!Season 1 OpeningJessica


Deck NameDescriptionDonated By
Autumn PicnicChisato and Kanon hold hands surrounded by nature.Lex
Backstage AdmirationYuri and Rimi meeting each other backstage.Cami
Beach FashionKokoro, Eve, and Tae pose in their swimsuits at the beach.Cami
Bouquet FeelingsPastel*Palettes presents Chisato with a bouquet of flowers after a show.Lex
Carousel RideTae and Saaya ride a carousel horse together.Lex
Cheering EnsembleKasumi and Rimi perform together.Lex
Chocolate ParfaitRimi eating a chocolate parfait while at a fast food restaurant with Saaya.Cami
Festive SurpriseThe girls of Pastel*Palettes are greeted by a nice surprise.Cami
Flower GirlsRan and Tsugumi with potted flowers in front of the Hazawa family café.Cami
Fuji ParkAya, Hagumi, Kasumi, Ako, and Moca in front of Fuji-Q Highland park.Lex
Graceful Tea TimeKanon braids Chisato's hair in the afternoon sun.Lex
Halloween Dress-UpTomoe and Himari getting dressed for Halloween.Cami
Halloween StreetKokoro and Misaki out during HalloweenCami
Happy AdventureKokoro and Hagumi look at a treasure map togenther.Lex
Happy Tea TimeLisa, Ako, and Sayo having tea together.Cami
Heartthrob ShowtimeKaoru, Tomoe, and others prepare for a White Day musical.Lex
Hello, Happy World!Hello, Happy World is a band made up of Tsurumaki Kokoro, Okusawa Misaki, Matsubara Kanon, Seta Kaoru, and Kitazawa Hagumi.Cami
Holding HandsRimi and Tae hold hands under summer festival fireworks.Lex
Indispensable ExistenceYukina wipes away Lisa's tears.Cami
Lazy DayLisa and Yukina having a lazy day at the pool.Cami
Lisa's LyricsYukina reads through Lisa's lyrics while waiting at a bus stop.Cami
Mermaid RhythmLisa swimming underwater with her bass guitar.Cami
Merry-Go-RoundTae and Saaya ride a merry-go-round.Lex
Mischievous DevilHina dresses as a devil for a Halloween show.Cami
NecromancerAko and Rinko casting a spell in RPG outfits.Lex
Photo DecorationsA decorated photo of the members of Poppin'Party.Lex
Puppet ShowKokoro and Saaya putting on a puppet show.Cami
Selfie TimeHimari, Tomoe, Eve, and Aya take a selfie together.Lex
Shuwarin☆Dreaming"Shuwarin☆Dreaming" is the first single released by Pastel*Palettes.Cami
Sports ChampionHagumi celebrates winning the school's Sports Day with Kasumi and Saaya.Lex
Star TambourineKasumi and Arisa performing together.Lex
Starry NightArisa, Kasumi, and Saaya gazing at the starsCami
Sweets FairTomoe and Himari at a sweets fair.Cami
Swimmer StyleRinko, Ako, Lisa, and Himari showing off their swimsuits.Cami
Unchanging FriendshipHimari, Ran, and Tomoe backstage after a performance.Lex
Worker BuddiesLisa and Moca hanging out while on break from their part-time job.Cami
YAPPY SCHOOL CARNIVALCover artwork for Hello Happy World's "YAPPY SCHOOL CARNIVAL" single.Cami