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Status: Open
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Date: 09.24.2018
Owner: Cami
Released Decks: 260
Unreleased Decks: 40
Artists: 23 (17 a, 6 p/h)
About Spotlight!
Spotlight! is an online TCG that is dedicated to idol-centric series that originate from Japan. Idols are heavily promoted multimedia stars. In Japan, they are adored by the masses and frequently perform at concerts or events; however, the idol industry is both competitive and harsh, and many involved have short-lived careers. Read more?
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Deck NameDescriptionDonated By
Akehoshi SubaruA hardworking mood-maker who thinks of everything in a positive light, Subaru's always on the go, never settling down. He likes money (not in a materialistic way; he just likes shiny things and loves coins regardless of the value).Selena
Aoi HinataThe cheerful and energetic older twin. Hinata is always with his younger twin, Yuta. He loves mischief, and he'd switch places with Yuta in class from time to time.Mio
Aoi YutaThe calm yet mischievous younger twin, Yuta is always with Hinata. Loved by his older twin and often gets pushed around.Mio
Fushimi YuzuruA polite young man who's always smiling, Yuzuru is the capable servant of first year's Himemiya Tori, but he laments the fact that he's always pushed around by Tori's selfishness. While he's not a member of the student council, he often helps out as he attends to Tori, and the vice president, Hasumi Keito, values his abilities more than Tori's.Selena
Hakaze KaoruKaoru is a ladies' man with an easygoing and gentle personality and way of speaking, he loves girls and can't resist seducing any girl he sees.Mio
Hasumi KeitoAt first he appears quiet and almost shy, even having been described as a "quiet glasses guy" by fellow AKATSUKI member Kuro. However, when he has passion towards something, he becomes incredibly determined. Keito is incredibly serious, and takes any jobs he is given very seriously.Mio
Hibiki WataruFickle and elusive, Wataru lives in his own peculiar world and is one of the "Five Oddballs."Ajisaitea
Hidaka HokutoCalm, cool, and collected, Hokuto is a hard-working perfectionist. He hates when his pace is disturbed. Though he might come across as cold to his noisy classmates at first, he values his friends.Cami
Himemiya ToriA rich boy who seems like an angel on the outside, but is actually mischievous like a devil on the inside, Tori knows how to make the best use of his physical charms. Power-hungry, he loves having the spotlight on him. Selena
Isara MaoMao is a reliable boy who loves taking care of others and never fails to lend a helping hand, even when he complains about it.Cami
Itsuki ShuThe leader of the Unit "Valkyrie." He is an arrogant person who wants everything to go his way but cannot handle large crowds or a lot of people at once.Sami
Kagehira MikaMika likes cute and scary things, but has very few friends because he has difficulties finding people who share his interests.Mio
Kanzaki SoumaSerious, rigid, and quick to jump to conclusions - whenever his emotions run high, Souma would attempt to draw the sword he's carrying everywhere, especially at those who are dishonest.Ajisaitea
Kiryu KuroKuro looks scary and has immense physical strength, but treasures precision and order. He's earnest and sincere at heart. His family is very important to him.Shinya
Mashiro TomoyaAn ordinary boy who grew up in an average family, Tomoya is a pushover. He hates it when others think he's weird because of the peculiar people around him, but he doesn't want to be seen as "average," either.Shinya
Mikejima MadaraMadara is reckless and lively, and has the habit of suddenly appearing at any place to help people out. He is in his own solo unit, "MaM", and is also the captain of the Track & Field Club.Selena
Morisawa ChiakiChiaki is a natural-born leader. He loves to be relied on and is eager to undertake anything. Even though he's annoyingly enthusiastic, he's a good-natured, high-spirited upperclassman.Cami
Narukami ArashiArashi is a narcissist full of self-confidence, he loves jobs that allow him to be seen by others. He has a very playful personality and talks with a girly tone. He is a member of the unit Knights.Sami
Nito NazunaNazuna's personality is usually bright, cheerful, and friendly, but he hates it when people treat him like a kid and call him cute. He speaks with a lisp and greatly fumbles with his words when nervous.Selena
Oogami KogaKoga is a second-year student from the unit UNDEAD and is a member the light music club.Mio
Otogari AdonisA quiet young man of mixed blood, Adonis comes from another country, but his Japanese is by no means bad. His father is a foreigner, while his mother is Japanese.Cami
Sakasaki NatsumeThe leader of the unit Switch and president of the Game Research Club. Sharp-tongued and perverse, he has fun taunting his opponents and companions alike with his eccentric behavior.Mio
Sakuma ReiA self-proclaimed "vampire" who becomes completely miserable when the sun shines on him, even in the early morning, Rei is one of the "Three Oddballs". While he appears sociable, he never shares his true intentions with anyone.Cami
Sakuma RitsuRitsu loves to sleep and is usually found napping somewhere. Rei is his brother, but he generally acts cold towards him.Selena
Sena IzumiFoul-mouthed and not honest with himself, Izumi has a big attitude, is full of confidence, and assumes a detached attitude towards the world at large.Sami
Sengoku ShinobuShinobu is a chuunibyou and admires ninjas, establishing a ninja association all by himself and spending his days training alone. Also a member of the broadcasting committee and RYUSEI Yellow from the unit RYUSEITAI.Mio
Shino HajimeHajime is the dedicated type who does part-time jobs at school to support his unit, Ra?bits, even taking on odd jobs like laundry and such. Taking care of flowers is a part of his daily routine, and he often takes the initiative to prepare the drinks in the tea club.Mio
Takamine MidoriThe tallest among the first years, Midori is blessed with good looks and physique, but has no confidence and is a bit timid. He often makes inappropriate remarks and rants. Formal and honorific speech is his weakness.Shinya
Tenma MitsuruCheerful, energetic, carefree, and oblivious, Mitsuru is always smiling, but he's not exactly the sharpest pencil in the box, and neither does he think things over carefully. He doesn't really pay attention when someone's talking to him, and gives no heed to sarcasm.Shinya
Tsukinaga LeoLeo is the leader of the unit "Knights". The songs he creates are recognized by both himself and others as the music of a genius.Selena


Deck NameDescriptionDonated By
Bewitching TheatreCover artwork for Valkyrie's second unit song CDMio
Destruction RoadCover artwork for UNDEAD's second unit song CDCami
Fortissimo of FlutterCover artwork for fine's second unit song CDCami
Gate of the AbyssCover artwork for UNDEAD's third unit song CDCami
Grateful AllegianceCover artwork for Knights' first studio album release.Cami
Honey ZombieShino Hajime getting ready for Halloween!Shinya
Melody in the DarkCover artwork for UNDEAD's first unit song CDCami
Rainbow CircusCover artwork for fine's first unit song CDCami
Silent OathCover artwork for Knights' second unit song CDCami
Temptation MagicCover artwork for Switch's first unit song CDCami