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Status: Open
Prejoin: 08.06.2018
Date: 09.24.2018
Owner: Cami
Released Decks: 260
Unreleased Decks: 40
Artists: 23 (17 a, 6 p/h)
About Spotlight!
Spotlight! is an online TCG that is dedicated to idol-centric series that originate from Japan. Idols are heavily promoted multimedia stars. In Japan, they are adored by the masses and frequently perform at concerts or events; however, the idol industry is both competitive and harsh, and many involved have short-lived careers. Read more?
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Below you will find all of the current card decks arranged alphabetically in categories. Looking for the upcoming list? Click here. Looking for one deck in particular? Try using ctrl/command + f to find it.


Deck NameDescriptionDonated By
Amami HarukaHaruka is a very cheerful and hard-working girl who loves to sing. Due to her nature, she can quite easily get along with almost anybody. She is also a very clumsy girl who frequently trips and falls.Cami
Hoshii MikiKnown by her fans as the "Visual Queen", Miki is a very lazy and laid-back character who never takes anything seriously.Cami
Kisaragi ChihayaChihaya has a very odd sense of humor, laughing loudly at the lamest jokes, almost making herself look a little foolish and childish to others sometimes.Kairi