Yeah, this on-site game isn't the easiest. A new partial reward redemption thread will go up every month! (These threads are to claim partial rewards for the previous month.)

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  1. Try to actually find all the answers first. If you know you have the right song(s), contact me personally - it could just be me making a typo. It happens more often that I like to admit. Also, we're not rewarding people who don't even try. We know it's one of the harder games, though, so we want to reward those who give an honest effort. Because of this, we require a screencap of your last attempt at the game for each month.
  2. How are rewards decided? Depending on what is asked for in the most recent round (which is why the screencap is necessary), you get rewarded for much you answer correctly. The reward for the game when all answers are correct is 12 cards and 20 idol points. You will get a base currency reward of 5 idol points, but you may use the 12-card amount as a gauge for how much you may earn if you only get some of the answers correct. You are guaranteed at least ONE card - even if you get them all wrong. Obviously, though, it's better to get some answers correct.
  3. Why can't we get partial rewards while the round is ongoing? Because you get the whole month to figure out the answers. You're only supposed to collect rewards ONCE. If partial rewards were possible for the on-site game, then you wouldn't be able to ever get the full reward unless you get all the answers in one go. You're encouraged to give each other hints, anyway.
  4. So how long do we have to collect partial rewards for the previous month's round? Again, the whole month. For example, if you're redeeming rewards for July 2018, you have until August 31, 2018 to redeem your partial rewards.
Does everything make sense? If so, here's the partial reward redemption form. Make sure to post it in a reply to the appropriate thread. Replace "MM/YYYY" with the appropriate month and year.

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[b]Trade Post:[/b]
[b]Proof of Attempt:[/b] [url=linktoscreencap]MM/YYYY[/url]